Skill Knowledge Provider

Companies from any industry with a proven expertise in the field of manufacturing and services and desirous of providing on the job training to TISS-SVE students may register with the Tata institute of Social -Science of Vocational Education as a Skill Knowledge Provider(SKP).


  •  Enrol existing employees in to the B.VOC programme to give them  opportunity for upward mobiling.
  • Experience reduced levels of attrition as employees complete their graduation over three years.
  • All students would be university(TISS)students and there would be no employer-employee relationship between student and SKP.
  • SKP can also offer internship opporyunties during peak season.
  • Contractual work force can also be enrolled in these courses.
  • Unlike the Apprentice Act there is no restriction on the number of trainees.

Interested corporates may please fill in the form.We will only be pleased to call on you to complete the simple formalities.