Course Contents

Circuit Designing :

  • Block Level Diagram
  • AC /DC Analysis
  • Power Calculation
  • Component selection

Schematics :

  • Beginning a New Schematic
  • Placing Items in the Schematic
  • Labeling components
  • Editing the Schematic
  • Creating New Components
  • Working with Sheets and Ports
  • Annotation and Back-Annotation
  • Design and Electrical Rule Checks
  • Netlisting
  • Bill of Materials generation
  • Validation and Verification


  • Beginning a New Layout
  • Placing Items in the Layout
  • Placing Power and Ground Planes
  • Changing the Board’s Outline
  • Creating New Components
  • Linking the Schematic and PCB
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Troubleshooting errors

Concepts of SI/EMI/EMC/ESD :

  • Basics of SI, EMI/EMC and ESD
  • Analysis and introduction to tools

Testing and Debugging :

  • Basics of Testing and Debugging skills
  • Introduction to Testing Tools and Equipments

Test Equipments used for parametric test

  • Current measurement
  • Voltage measurement
  • Frequency measurement
  • Resistance measurement

Component Testing

  • Diode, Transistor, Resistor, capacitor, Relays, Coils, LEDs, Transformer, IC’s etc.

PCB Testing 

  • Open circuits
  • Short circuits
  • Component out of tolerance
  • Testing digital & Linear IC’s
  • Basics of troubleshooting & generic testing techniques
  • Using special tools like crocodile clips, cleaners, sprays, C.R.O probes, banana connectors etc

Role of ESD :

  • Introduction to ESD protection device such as ESD slippers, grounding wrist bands, bags etc.

Safety Aspects 

  • General Precautions
  • Specific Precautions

Industrial Visits

  • Electronic Manufacturing Company
  • PCB Manufacturing

The Institute

  • Consultants with 15 years of experience in Design, Development, Training, and Recruitment.
  • State-of-The-Art Programming Lab with 1:1 student to System ratio.
  • Well-Equipped H/W Lab with industry standard EDA tools.
  • Dedicated Placement Cell with Operations in Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Why do we need a course on High speed Board Design?

  • Provides the basics of electronic and digital design and then follows with high speed digital design fundamentals
  • The course contains starting from Architecture Specification we perform High-speed Design, Signal integrity, Component Selection, BOM optimization, Layout analysis, , Functional Testing of prototype and final Handover to manufacture.
  • Helps the students to create production level PCB from schematics
  • Helps to develop design boards more effectively and produces professional results.
  • We offer extensive design knowledge on Hardware Board design with Analog/Digital circuits and testing.
  • Worldwide demand for Hardware designers


  •  Educational Qualification : BE / BTech in Electronics / Instrumentation / Electrical
  • Screening Test : Basics of Digital and Analog electronics, Basics of Microprocessor ,General Aptitude
  • Selection Round : Group Discussion and Personal Interview
  • Working professionals with relevant experience are eligible for direct Selection Round.

Training Process

  • Total 40 hours training session
  • 5-Days on weekdays or 2 days on weekends
  • Alternate week theory & Lab exams
  • Module wise theory and lab exams
  • Mock Interviews & Project Guidance
  • Parallel classes will be conducted as required

Eligibility for Placements

Candidates must meet all the following criteria to be eligible for placement assistance

  • Attendance
  • 75% and above in lab & theory
  • Weekly/Module/Surprise Exams
  • 65% and above in each
  • Mock interview and assessment by our faculty and external mentors