Course Details :

PG Diploma in sales & Marketing Management

Tata Institute of Social Sciences-School of Vocational Education brings Post Graduate Diploma in Sales & Marketing Management to Madurai City for working sales & Marketing professionals. The PG Diploma is a work integrated program for the  professionals,who cannot take a carrer break to pursue a full time course.Theory classes shall be conducted at the TISS learning centre Aztecs Academy in Madurai while the practical learning outcomes shall be achieved on the job.TISS shall conduct an assessment on semester basis and award the PG diploma at the end of the course.

Why do we need a course on PG Diploma in Sales & Marketing Management?

One of the areas in business is ‘sales Management’.Now ‘Sales is a vast subject and it has its nuances depending on the type of organization and the kind of products or services that need to be sold.This program aims to provide the candidate end understanding of the ‘Sales’ process and tghe skills required for becoming an effective sales professional.This program shall be work-integrated and will enable the participant to develop his/her sales skills in specific industry domains using multiple channels.Specific inputs related to specific industry/sector,producta & services shall also be provided before commencing the on-the-job training.

Eligibility  :

Any Sales & Marketimg Working Professional.

Course Dutration  :

Evening classes – 6pm to 8pm(Three days in a week)

Weekend classes – 6hrs(Sat or Sun)